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Matthew K.
Midland, MI
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?This is my 3rd purchase from Pella on my 3rd (different) house. Of the 3 purchases and installs, this was the only one that had many issues. 1) I was contacted via email a few days prior to the install to say that my phone number wasn't correct and to please confirm. This was frustrating because the phone number that was listed in the email was not only correct but had been called previously by Pella to arrange for the install. 2) On the day of the install, the Installers were about an hour late. Turns out, someone from Pella had given them an address from my 1st home install (which was 8 years ago). Additionally, they were provided with a work phone number (not the correct one from #1 above) that was about 6 years old. 3) As part of the install, there were apparently insufficient pieces, so the Installers had to fabric some. This resulted in a few pieces requiring a return visit for painting. Not a huge deal except that the person sent by Pella to paint really needs to learn how to paint. I mean, nothing against him (Andrew), but he took nearly an hour to do 1 coat. Further, he did that coat with a roller brush. He then asked whether I wanted him to do another coat (which he DEFINITELY needed to do), but that he would have to wait probably 30 minutes for the first coat to try. I said No thank you, but could you leave the paint and I'll do it? He did. That weekend, I bought a brush and a small roller and did what he should have done - use the brush to apply a significant amount of paint to the fresh wood and then use the roller to create a nice finish w/o brush marks. Took me under an hour. Love the product, just wish it had been as smooth as the other 2 dealings with Pella.
Mike B.
Petoskey, MI
Why did you choose Pella?We have Pella windows and have liked their quality
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?Your salesman did a good job going over options and pricing
Kari S.
Kalamazoo, MI
Why did you choose Pella?The quality is absolutely better than anything else we looked at
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?Everyone we have worked with has been fantastic
Robert F.
Grand Rapids, MI
Why did you choose Pella?Simple, high quality, amazing sales rep (Larry)
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?Quick meetup and decision making. Didn't bore me with information about windows. Respectful of my home and busy schedule. At better than Hansen's and Andersen.
Penny V.
Kalamazoo, MI
Why did you choose Pella?quality of product
Darren & Crystal P.
Portage, MI
Why did you choose Pella?It is exactly the product we wanted and thus we bought it .
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?Other than our Pella storm door not being installed, no.
John O.
Rockford, MI
Why did you choose Pella?Your salesman was very professional, didn't try to sell me more products than what I had asked he come chat with me about, and gave me a price that was in the ball park with most others I had checked on, with a better E rating on the glass. The price was right!
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?It was a good experience from meeting the salesman to saying good bye to the screen door installation man. I really appreciate the LOW PRESSURE salesmanship approach as I've reached a point in my life where I toss folks out and never allow them to return if they come into my home believing they will sell me 20 things I don't need and can't take NO for an answer. Your team did none of that. That's why I will recommend you and your product to others, as well as the quality of your product.
Carol J.
Burlington, MI
Why did you choose Pella?Pella manufactures, installs and guarantees their products.
Sherri B.
Grand Rapids, MI
Why did you choose Pella?Salesmanship, price, quality, and Appearance
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?All pleasant, salesman great, person assigned to asset and repair after window installation wonderful with personality and skill and knowledge of produce
Dave G.
Grand Rapids, MI
Why did you choose Pella?Previous serious issues with a different provider.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?We'll be working on fixing the interior wall and trim for the patio doors for another month, due to time constraints.
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